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Butyl acetate (CAS 123-86-4)


Other names: Butyl acetate, butyl ethanoate, n-Butyl acetate, acetic acid, n-butyl ester, butile.
Butyl acetate – is a volatile and transparent fluid without color or with a slight yellowish tint, with a specific fruity smell. Organic substance of the ester class, organic solvent. Butyl acetate is slightly soluble in water; it is mixed with organic solvents and vegetable oils. It dissolves resins and fats well. Butyl acetate is a good solvent for nitrocellulose, chlorinated rubber, glyptal resins and other film-forming substances used in the paint industry. It is part of many multicomponent solvents, such as solvents 646 and 648.
Chemically, it is a typical representative of esters. It reacts with acids, alkalis, hydrogen, alcohols, hydroxylamine, hydrazine, ORGANOMETALLIC compounds. With ammonia, it forms amides. When heated, it decomposes with the release of gaseous and combustible hydrocarbons-butenes. Practically does not react with oxidizing agents.

Butyl acetate specification (TDS)


Application and usage:

• For the production of paint and film-forming materials, for the dilution of lacquers and paints before use, as an additive in varnishes to improve the properties of the varnish film.

• Solvent for oils, fats, synthetic and natural resins, cellulose esters, chlorine-based rubbers, vinyl polymers, adhesives. It is often included in the composition of universal multicomponent solvents.

• For degreasing small parts in electronics companies.

• In tanneries as a tanning agent and solvent in the processing of natural and artificial leathers.

• In cosmetology and food industry-it is a part of many perfume compositions and fruit essences, including food essences. It is used for the extraction of fragrant and some other substances, such as caffeine from coffee beans.

• In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for the production of antibiotics and other medicines.

• Included in the nail polish remover.

• In production of packaging materials, such as packaging foil

Physical properties:
Thermal properties
Melting Point: -76 °C
Boiling Point: 124-128 °C
Flash Point: 25-29 °C

INDEX: 607-025-00-1
CAS: 123-86-4
EC: 204-658-1

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