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Coolant Master BIO-40PRO™ heat transfer liquid glycerine base


Master BIO-40PRO™ coolant features comprehensive protection against freezing and corrosion, an exceptional safety profile for the environment and humans, and universal application in various sectors of the food industry. Can be used in heating systems of both public and residential buildings. Its glycerin base not only ensures efficient heat transfer but also promotes lubrication and maintenance of system components. Do not damage products made of rubber, plastic, cast iron, steel, or aluminum alloys. The prepared glycerin solution is completely fireproof and its use eliminates the possibility of explosion.

This product is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, high-quality coolant that meets sustainability goals.


Product properties:
Product type: Ready to use
Freezing point: -40,2°C
Main substance content: glycerol not less than 70% by weight
Inhibitor: yes, ASTM D3306 standard
Boiling Point at normal pressure: (°C): 110°C
Density at 20ºC: 1,181 g/cm3
Recommended storage temperature minimum: 0 C maximum: 30 C
Country of origin: Estonia
Service life: at least 5 years and depends on operating rules
Shelf life: 60 months.
Article: BIO-40PRO56-81-5

Additional Product Description:
Master BIO™ coolants for heating and heat exchange based on glycerol are characterized by the following positive properties:
● are environmentally friendly and non-toxic;
● Master BIO™ trademarks can withstand high temperatures;
● reliably protect the heating system from freezing at low ambient temperatures in winter;
● have lubricating and bactericidal properties;
● have good thermophysical characteristics, thanks to which the room is heated evenly;
● fire and explosion proof;
● do not form scale.
● neon dyes are used, which help to more easily detect the leak in the event of a leak in the system (the need for such an additive is indicated when ordering)

Master BIO-40PRO™ Thermophysical properties aqueous solution of glycerol, crystallization temperature minus – 40°C

Temperature оС020406080100
Density ρ, g/cm31,1921,1811,1691,1561.1441,302
Viscosity μ, Pa*10-376,0022,509,404,862,901,93
Thermal Conductivity W/(cm•oC)0,350,360,360,36
Heat Capacity kJ/(kg•oC)1,4521,4871,5251,608

User manual:

Before using Master BIO™ coolants, the heating system must be completely cleaned of waste liquid. You should also remove old deposits and scales from the circuit, and eliminate corrosion traces.

The product is offered completely ready for use (there is no need to dilute or add anything to it), and it goes on sale in a sealed container. It is strongly recommended to store it in a cool place. Try to prevent direct sunlight from entering the container with the composition. This can lead to a deterioration in its properties, leveling out the positive characteristics of additional components and the main viscous substance – glycerin.

The heating system is filled by gravity, either manually or under pressure. The manual filling is applicable for open circuits. Coolant is pumped into closed heating systems under pressure using pumps.

It is important to ensure a good seal, since glycerine aqueous solutions, having a high wetting effect, can leak where water does not flow. If it leaks, the efficiency of the entire heating system decreases. If they are detected, it is necessary to pause the entire system’s operation and eliminate the malfunction.
Procedure in case of emergency shutdown of the heating system.
Solutions of glycerin and water at zero temperatures and below have a high level of viscosity. Therefore, if the system has cooled down, it is recommended to first turn on the heating elements themselves, and then start circulation. This will reduce the load on the pumps.

The service life of Master BIO™ coolants is at least 5 years. The price of the coolant depends on the concentration of the main base component. When ordering and purchasing it, it is necessary to consider the percentage of glycerol in the coolant brand. The temperature range in which the all-season low-freezing coolant will be in a working condition depends on this indicator.

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1000 lit IBC-konttia, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 200 lit rumpu/tynnyri, 5 lit muovitölkki

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