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Copper oxide (CAS 1317-38-0)


Copper oxide (CAS 1317-38-0)

Copper(II) oxide or cupric oxide is an inorganic compound with the formula CuO. A black solid, it is one of the two stable oxides of copper, the other being Cu2O or copper(I) oxide (cuprous oxide). As a mineral, it is known as tenorite. It is a product of copper mining and the precursor to many other copper-containing products and chemical compounds.

As a significant product of copper mining, copper(II) oxide is the starting point for the production of other copper salts. For example, many wood preservatives are produced from copper oxide.

Cupric oxide is used as a pigment in ceramics to produce blue, red, and green, and sometimes gray, pink, or black glazes.

It is incorrectly used as a dietary supplement in animal feed. Due to low bioactivity, negligible copper is absorbed.

A copper oxide electrode formed part of the early battery type known as the Edison–Lalande cell. Copper oxide was also used in a lithium battery type (IEC 60086 code “G”).

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Industries: Glass and ceramics
CAS number: 1317-38-0
WE number: 215-269-1
Chemical formula: CuO
Customs tariff code: 28255000
ADR: UN3077

Other physical properties

Melting / freezing point: 1326°C
Relative density: 6,31 g/cm3
Solubility in water: 0,000394 g/l (ph6)

Additional information

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