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Mosstanol Master


Mosstanol Master is mainly used as a diluent in paints and varnishes, in the printing industry as an environment for ink, window cleaner / washer fluid, fuel mixing, adhesives, air fresheners, varnishes, antifreeze and compressed air systems. icer. The main end-user markets are the printing, paint, engine, consumer and adhesive industries.


Mosstanol Master is a unique product that contains anhydrous ethyl alcohol and isopropanol. Mosstanol Master is a light liquid with a pleasant odor and a freezing point of -112 ° C. Mosstanol Master is flammable.

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Käytettävissä oleva määrä

1000 lit IBC-konttia, 20 lit metallitölkki YK, 200 lit rumpu/tynnyri, 25 lit muovipurkki, 640 lit IBC-astiaa

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