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Thinner I-5008


Thinner I-5008: Universal solvent for cleaning equipment after water-based paints.
Thinner I-5008: Suitable for thinning paints, water-based base primers.
Thinner I-5008: It has unique properties to wash off all polymer residues and dust, due to a mixture of high quality alcohols and acetates: Etanool, n-Butüülatsetaat, 1-methoxy 2-propanool, Propaan-2-ool.
Thinner I-5008: Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC): 550g / L


Application and usage:
Application and use:
It is used in the printing and furniture industries, for washing machines, painting lines and conveyors without damaging the rubber elements on them.

0.5L metal bottle
5L plastic canister
10L plastic canister
20L metal bucket UN
25L plastic canister
200L barrel
640L IBC container
1000L IBC container

Physical properties:
Density: 0.82g/cm3
Color: Transparent.
Smell: Specific, alcoholic.

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10 lit muovipurkki, 1000 lit IBC-konttia, 20 L plastic bucket/canister, 200 lit rumpu/tynnyri, 25 lit muovipurkki, 5 lit muovitölkki, 500 ml metallipullo, 640 lit IBC-astiaa

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