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Caustic soda (CAS 1310-73-2)


Caustic soda, sodium hydroxide ja lye CAS 1310-73-2
Caustic soda is the most common alkali, with the chemical formula NaOH.
Soapstone is a product of chemical synthesis, such a substance does not exist in nature.
The dissolution of fats and proteins is an important property of soapstone, which is used in industry and also in household cleaning products.
EC 215-185-5
INDEX 011-002-00-6

Product Specifications (TDS)


Using caustic soda:
Caustic is used to make biodiesel – derived from vegetable oils and used to replace conventional diesel fuel.
As an agent for dissolving sewer blockages, in the form of dry granules or in gels. Caustic soda disaggregates the blockage and makes it easy to move further along the pipe.
Basic washing of tanks and pipelines in the food industry, circular washing. Caustic is also widely used in the textile and paper industry.

25 kg bag

Physicochemical characteristics:
caustic soda Masterchem is a white crystalline compound, can be like granules or flakes.
Dissolves well in water, releasing a lot of heat.
freezing point: 323 ° C
boiling point: 1388 ° C
Color: white
Odor: odorless

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