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D-Panthenol (CAS 81-13-0)


D-Panthenol (CAS 81-13-0)

Panthenol (also called pantothenol) is the alcohol analog of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and is thus a provitamin of B5. In organisms, it is quickly oxidized to pantothenic acid. It is a viscous transparent liquid at room temperature. Panthenol is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products as a moisturizer and to improve wound healing.

Panthenol is an odourless, slightly bitter, highly viscous, transparent, and colourless liquid at room temperature, but salts of pantothenic acid (for example sodium pantothenate) are powders that are typically white. It is easily soluble in water and alcohol, moderately soluble in diethyl ether, soluble in chloroform (1:100), in propylene glycol, and slightly soluble in glycerin.



Industries: Cosmetic industry, Pharmaceutical industry
CAS number: 81-13-0
WE number: 201-327-3
Chemical formula: C9H19NO4
Molar mass: 205,3 g/mol
Customs tariff code: 29362400

Other physical properties
pH: 9,5 – 10,5 (10%)
Relative density: 1,20 g/ml

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10 lit muovipurkki, 1000 lit IBC-konttia, 20 lit metallitölkki YK, 200 lit rumpu/tynnyri, 25 lit muovipurkki, 5 lit muovitölkki, 500 ml metallipullo, 640 lit IBC-astiaa

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